Foothill Scientific Associates

Foothill Scientific Associates 


- We work with integrity. If we cannot meet the highest standard of performance, we don't take the project.

- We are invested in the work we take on.

  You will have our full attention.

The Business of Drug & Device Development

Science is a wonderful thing if one does not have to earn ones living at it.”
                                                                                                                                       Albert Einstein

Regardless of the passion you bring to the work or the potential of the drug,

at some point you have to pay the bills.

No matter how bright the prospect of the device,

you still have to keep the lights on as you bring it to market.

Foothill Scientific Associates connects the dots between the Technology, Development Plan, Regulatory Path, Market Potential, and Funding. We are Technical Managers, providing the operational engine that enables biomedical companies to reach their destination; clinical milestones, financing, product approval, profitability.

We've been reluctant entrepreneurs, pragmatic innovators that didn't want to mortgage the house to pay for the kids college as we built successful businesses.  And we failed enough times before we got it right; what we know has been rigorously tested. This is the expertise we bring to our Clients.