Corporate / Business Development



FSA works with our client organizations to develop credible market strategies attached to SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) goals. Our engagements run the gamut from providing counsel on specific opportunities to acting as the corporate/business development arm of the organization.

In Medical Devices, our activity is focused where the products are cleared by regulatory authority ahead of marketing and sales. As such, they are available by prescription, going through a process similar to that of biopharmaceuticals for end-use. We have experience in drug/device combinations and can enhance the synergies expected to result from the pairing.

Technology/Product Evaluation 
  •  Market viability & strategy

  • Competitive analysis              

  • Freedom to Operate                

  • Demand Vs Cost profiling         

  • Regulatory Path to Market                  

  • Outsourcing/supplier evaluation

  • Licensing

  • IP Management

  • Risk Analysis

In Support Services, FSA has an exceptional track record in generating business for contract service organizations and bioprocess supply. Frequently, there is a connection to facility utilization, which we can guide our clients to profitable opportunities as an adjunct to their existing capabilities.

We believe that collaborations properly configured are a key driver of growth and expansion of opportunities. Identification of and connection to complementary technologies through alliances, licensing, and the like should be an early and automatic consideration.

Corporate & Business Development 
  • Business Model Refinement               

  • M&A guidance

  • Partnering

    • Alliances / Technology Acquisition

    • Licensing

  • Divestiture of Assets

  • Sales Planning & Management

  • Prospecting & Sales