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FSA is that guide. We manage the business processes while you manage the technology. We cover critical areas in Product Development; Program Management, Cost Accounting, and especially USG Funding for Biopharmaceuticals & Vaccines.  We take care of Corporate Development; Alliance Formation and Partnering, Licensing In & Out, and Market Planning. We build simple, practical Financial Systems that your people can use and your investors will appreciate.

Foothill Scientific Associates 

Foothill Scientific Associates is a biomedical development resource that works with companies and organizations to move their products and programs forward. Our focus is on the business drivers that provide the necessary foundation for the innovation.

We start with a simple premise: It takes money to get where you're going. If you don't have it, you have to get it from somewhere else. And that somewhere else has to believe that when they give it to you, you'll deliver.

The next premise is that the going is easier if you have a guide who's been there before. 

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                     Rosalind Franklin

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FSA is a network of professionals in the areas of Drug Development, Program Management, Engineering, Human Resource and Contract Administration. The group is composed of Industry, Academic, and Federal program veterans able to move programs and products forward efficiently and cost-effectively.


In more than 25 years in the life sciences, FSA has acquired an extensive network of experienced, highly capable reliable resources covering virtually every aspect of biomedical product development. Our contacts range from bioprocess staffing specialists to Wall Street private equity investors.

​Mark Logomasini is an experienced life sciences executive with a successful 25+ year track record in drug development and medical devices. Most recently he was President/CEO and Director at Bioject Medical Technologies, a needle-free injection company sold to Inovio Pharmaceuticals in Spring 2016. In the aftermath of the FDA policy change on jet-injectors in 2011, Mark was brought in to triage the company, enabling it to survive a regulatory change that caused an 80% reduction in revenue. During his tenure Bioject was transformed into a lean, near virtual company focused on FDA permitted commercial applications, research programs, and international sales through distribution networks. The company was also able to generate data for a potentially large drug/device combination, a product he is moving forward as a Director of BLS Pharma, the successor to Bioject.

Mark first began working in US Government funded programs in 2001 as a co-founder of Molecular Medicine BioServices, a contract biomanufacturing and development organization (CDMO). As the CFO/VP Business Development, he was responsible for capital structure formation, securing equity and debt financing to advance company operations. Mark managed the G&A services group comprised of Finance and Accounting, Business Development, Project Management, Purchasing, IT, and Administration. He led business development activities in Federal programs, establishing the company as key resource in DHHS/DoD vaccine programs. When Molecular Medicine was acquired by Sigma-Aldrich in 2007 he handled the financial due diligence of the transaction and became the head of Federal Programs for S-A's SAFC contract service division, a position he held through mid-2011. While at SAFC he served as the Medical Sector Lead for the DoD/NDIA sponsored Chem/BioDefense Acquisition Initiatives Forum for which he received an Award for Excellence from the JPEO-CBD in 2011.

Prior to Molecular Medicine, Mark built a leading west coast bioprocess equipment & engineering company, Western Separations which he sold in 2000.

Mark Logomasini has a BS in Chemical Engineering from the Missouri School of Mines and MBA from the University of California, Irvine where he graduated with Honors.
He is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with the Project Management Institute.​

Mark Logomasini, PMP           Senior Partner


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