Foothill Scientific Associates

Foothill Scientific Associates 

Ÿ Finance & Capital Raising

There are two critical considerations in securing the necessary funding for development programs:

1) Potential sources for the money. Identifying viable funding resources.

2) Having a compelling story.

Whether it's Friends & Family, VC's or Government Agencies, you must clearly and convincingly explain what makes investing in you the right place for their money.

FSA Principals have raised 10's of millions of dollars through these channels. We can guide you through the process, make the introductions, assist in preparing presentations and documentation, and help ensure you close the deal on the right terms.

ŸMedical Device

- Product Development

- Business Operations

An overarching concern for any company in Medical Devices/Bio-tools is ensuring sufficient demand for products once developed / commercialized to justify the investment of money and resources. FSA assists in strengthening the connection between the technology and the market opportunity. 

  • Technology/Product Evaluation     Market viability & strategy                  Competitive analysis               Freedom to Operate                 Demand Vs Cost profiling          Regulatory Path                   Outsourcing / supplier evaluation          Licensing options                                  Risk analysis
  • Path to Profitability              Business model refinement                Product costing & vendor selection       P&L forecasting / Cash Flow analysis   Facilities                                    Staffing                                      Alliances / technology acquisition         Stakeholder management             Business management & financing                         

Ÿ Vaccine & Biologics Development

We act as a support structure for the pre-clinical and clinical work. As your candidate proceeds through clinical trials, FSA operates in the background, clearing the path to licensure.

  • Candidate Selection                      Freedom to Operate                SWOT analysis  / tech assessment    In-licensing of adjunct technology      Cost modeling
  • Pre-Clinical / Clinical           Planning & Program Management  Clinical path definition                    Costing                                            Manufacturing           Vendor/Supplier selection
  • Alliance Formation & Financing               

Ÿ Federal Contracting
We can assist in putting together winning Technical Proposals that are supported by comprehensive Cost Proposals in the USG format.

Technical writing, cost accounting, filling out the forms OR taking the lead, using our template with your information.


  • Opportunity discovery
  • FAR compliance guidance
  • Proposal writing
  • Budgeting
  • Subcontractor/supplier sourcing
  • Competitive Range negotiation

Post Award Services:

  • Program Management
  • FAR compliant systems
  • Cost accounting
  • Performance reporting